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Viewing Erica

A dive into the viewing numbers for our music videos with Erica Manzoli. READ MORE...

Viewing Results
18 March 2024

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Making a music video

A sneak peek behind the curtain to see how we made Erica Manzoli's music video for 'Good Guys are Gone'.

Behind the Scenes
11 March 2024


Travel and Breathe

Filming while on a kayaking and wild camping trip? Couldn't be helped. READ MORE...

4 March 2024

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Christmas results with Cath Kidston

Over the last Christmas period we landed some good figures with our film for Cath Kidston.

Social Results
26 February 2024


Inside Man

An evening raising awareness, and increasing the conversation around men's mental health issues. READ MORE...

19 February 2024


A Moment Ago Release

Our Creative Directors new short film is out!

Film Release
12 February 2024


Filming interviews

Our regular collaboration with design studios can expand their offering. READ MORE...

5 February 2024

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Filming projections with Erica Manzoli.

A series of performance music videos – each with an element of projection. Projecting Erica accompanying herself playing piano, or old home movies. A dynamic way to add more to the video.

Behind the Scenes
29 January 2024


Filming in Beijing for China World.

A throwback to a few years ago directing a shoot for the China World building complex.

Production News
22 January 2024


We're Blast + Aftermath. Here's a little throwback.

From humble beginnings, with passion and a love to communicate. READ MORE...

15 January 2024