John Moore
Lacewing Verto Necklace

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John Moore
Lacewing Verto

John Moore is an extraordinary jewellery artist, with immense creativity when he crafts the forms around the human body.

Lacewing Verto is one of his commissioned works and is from a series of pieces that use individual fins of metal, masterfully put together around a moveable backbone, so that the form follows the contours of its wearer.

John needed a film to accompany this piece while it was showcased at Goldsmiths (in which he won an award for his works), and a film that would create a backdrop on the catwalk of a feature show.

This is why we chose to work with Royal Ballet performer, Louis McMiller, whose incredible movements, and control of the body perfectly highlighted the unique shapes the necklace created from all angles.

We also decided to really play with the materials found in the piece. Each fin is silver coated, with several diamonds on the front face. These details give the necklace a scale like reflective nature when under certain lighting conditions. So, we filmed Louis moving inside of a moving lighting rig which meant the light was ever changing, throwing the most beautiful shapes and catching every detail.

Performer: Louis McMiller
MUA: Ximena Rodriguez
Assistants: Martin Kirley, Stephen Wood