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5 February 2024

Filming interviews

We often collaborate with other creative agencies across various sectors, giving them access to, and the ability to produce film and motion work for their clients.

Our experience allows us to seamlessly step into an existing design, or marketing team and work alongside the creatives.

Working with Gather, a design studio based in London, we produced a series of interviews to accompany a larger web project for Aliaxis’ Annual Review. They already had a visual style for their photography across the design, so we simply took our inspiration from this to create a video style that would match. This included filming interviews at Aliaxis’ offices in Brussels, working on a green screen to create a layered effect, showing video content to support the words being delivered.

Often these seemingly low-tech productions can be quite satisfying. Getting to speak with a range of people, covering all sorts of topics (this really sits well with our love to have a conversation), and getting playful with how to enhance a basic talking head.

If you’re a design studio, who do so much great work for your clients but don’t have the expertise (or regular need) for film, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to step up and collaborate.