Aston Martin
TF Sport GT3 Team

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Brand Film

Aston Martin
TF Sport GT3 Team

When you have motorsport lovers in the team, the chance to work with one of England’s great automotive brands, film at racetracks, Silverstone and Spa, you don’t think twice.

Aston Martin asked us to work with their GT3 team, TF Sport, to create a brand film, something that show’s what the team is about and what it means to race for them.

It was a pleasure to film while they were working, seeing them in full flow of qualifying at Silverstone and Spa. This meant we had to think on our feet and capture little moments of reality.

Shooting on a live track meant a lot of restrictions due to health and safety, and a limitation to what we could request. But often, limitations call for more creativity. So, we hired out an air strip and filled the car with cameras to capture a true drivers experience.

This is a classic project where we wrote the film 3 times. Once while conceptualising, once while shooting and once editing.

Here’s to all the dreamers and competitors we have inside of us.

In collaboration with FSCG Design studio.